Effective Utilization of Direct Mail provides your business with an efficient way to promote by getting your message directly into the hands of the consumer with the focus on Building Traffic, Finding New Customers and Increasing Revenues. For as little as 2 to 3 cents per home you can print and deliver a full color piece into the hands of your consumers!

Shared or Co-Op Mail.  You enjoy the benefit of sharing the postage to deliver your message, often which accounts for up to 70% of the cost!

Features and Benefits of Working With Menu Masters

  • Upscale Circulation
  • National Presence
  • Oversized Ad Formats
  • Targeted Client Analysis
  • Zip Code Penetration Analysis
  • Lifestyle Segmentation Analysis
  • Multiple Distribution Formats
  • ​Multiple Creative Options
  • Co-Op Marketing



Menu Master's Services are Inclusive 

Marketing, Graphic Design, both Digital and Laser Printing, Mailing Lists, Analytics, Inkjetting, Addressing and Postal Certification.

Targeting  By utilizing our mapping, data, lifestyle segmentation and purchase behavior, our Analytics Team will help identify your Target Market and your most Profitable Customers.  



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We utilize digital and off-set printing to handle both small quantities or large print runs.  Menu Masters offers the flexibility and best price solutions while meeting all your goals and objectives.  See our pricing on the most common pieces or call with your custom size job.


Menu Masters adds the power of mail to your Marketing Mix.  No matter what marketing channels you're using, direct mail gives you a one-to-one connection with consumers, where decisions are made - in the home!  They can read your mailing when time permits, keep it for future reference, or share it with others.

Putting Your Product in Your Market!

Targeting enables you to use some of the industry's top data to define, understand, and ultimately reach your best, most responsive customers.  Along with standard geographic selections (states, counties, markets, etc.) we offer demographic, consumer expenditure, market potential, trade area, zip code penetration, and lifestyle segmentation analyses.

Customer Profile - Lifestyle Segmentation Analysis.  ​Give us an address of your best customers and we will tell you:

  • Where they are
  • Who they are
  • ​How best to target households with similar lifestyle profiles

Menu Masters offers Full Service Design and

Printing for any size business or job.

In-house Graphic Design Services to help with your Project, Logos, Business Cards, Brochures, Stationary and more.  A Graphic Designer will be dedicated to your every need!